Merolith S95 mounting adhesive - Merolith

Merolith S95 mounting adhesive

1.15 € / kg

SKU: MH-0011


It is used for bonding decorative elements to the facade of the building


Notched trowel


30 kg.


Polymer acrylic binder, quartz filler. Does not contain cement


Provides perfect adhesion of parts to the substrate


In such cases it is also possible to use glue or foam-certified front cement-based adhesive, It should be borne in mind that the adhesive has a very high adhesion, and it is difficult to remove from the surface., Merolith S95 can be used for installation details only on absorbent mineral substrates. For non-absorbent surfaces better to use adhesive foam., Merolith S95 is not suitable for use at temperatures at which it is possible to freeze the wet end of the adhesive.


№ 12.2-18-1 / 16134 from 20.07.2020


– High adhesion. – 1.2 mPa. The bonding strength to the mounting surfaces is 3 times higher than that of cemented facade adhesives for expanded foam cellular plastics.
Атмосферостойкость. The content of Merolith compositions, binders, additives, filler make the coating resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, low and high temperatures, carbonization, mold…

Operational characteristics

– Working temperature with a mixture from 10ºС to 30ºС.
– The density of the coating is 1.8 g / ml.
– Storage temperature from 5ºС to 30ºС. Shelf life 7 months.
– Resistance to cycles “freezing / thawing” – 320 cycles.
– Resistance to temperatures after drying from -50ºС to +60ºС
– It is made according to DSTU B В.2.7-233:2010


№  12,2-18-1 / 16134 from 20.07.2020



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