Composition for the reinforcement of expanded polystyrene Merolith D10 - Merolith

Composition for the reinforcement of expanded polystyrene Merolith D10


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Защитное покрытие для армирования фасадных архитектурных элементов из полистирола

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Протяжка на автоматическом / ручном станке


30 кг


Полимерное акриловое связующее, кальцитовый наполнитель.
Не содержит цемента

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Ярко белый

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– High adhesion to foam cellular plastic and extruded polystyrene foam – 0.95 mPa.
– Not hydroscopic. Film formed after drying does not pass moisture.
– High elasticity. Merolith compositions do not contain cement, therefore in manufacture it is not necessary to use a gauze. It does not give cracks with linear expansion (with temperature fluctuations), shrinkage of the building. Temperature limits allowing bending of parts from +15ºС.
– Hardness. Decorative elements reinforced with Merolith coating have sufficient strength to be used in places where people actively access. The elements can not perform supporting functions.
– Adjusted formula for Merolith coating. When broaching the coating does not drain from the elements, while its density allows you to work at a speed of 7-12 mp / min.
– Clean surface after the first coat. Provided the instructions in the manual are followed strictly, it is enough for one broaching to achieve a coating without craters, ruptures, air bubbles or a slight roughness inherent in the facade elements.
– Weather resistance. The content of Merolith compositions, binders, additives, filler make the coating resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, low and high temperatures, carbonization, mold…
– Manufacturer’s guarantee for 15 years subject to compliance with the “manual for use” and the use of Merolith mounting materials.

Operational characteristics

– Working temperature with the composition from +15ºC to +30ºС.
– Drying temperature of parts from +15ºC to +30ºС.
– The coating density is 1.7 g / ml.
– Storage temperature from +5ºC to +30ºC. Shelf life 7 months.
– Resistance to cycles “freezing / thawing” – 320 cycles.
– Resistance to temperatures after drying from -40ºС to +60ºС
– Flammability group – G1
– It is made according to DSTU B В.2.7-233:2010


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