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Merolith: a Complex Approach to Creating a Durable Facade

The Merolith production group is a manufacturer of high-tech compositions for the production and installation of expanded polystyrene facade decor. Our company carries out the wholesale and retail sale of polymeric materials for the production of facade decor on favorable terms.


Key advantages of TM Merolith compositions:

Our product line is represented by effective, but easy-to-use acrylic mixtures. Polymeric composites of TM Merolith excel modern concrete and other cement-based products in the following criteria:

  • increased durability under aggressive external factors;
  • adhesion with expanded polystyrene – 1.2 MPa;
  • absence of destructive process with the linear expansion of the facade;
  • resistance to physical impacts (anti-vandal surfaces).

What are the manufacturers of facade decor currently working with in Ukraine? Very often, these are either various acrylic fillers made in artisanal conditions or general-purpose cement compositions, with which parts are reinforced with a mesh. There are also foreign suppliers of acrylic composites (for example, Turkish). All of them have their own disadvantages:

  • artisanal production – lack of proper quality control and inability to solve problems or difficulties in using composites in case of necessity;
  • cement – gets destructible very quickly (absorbs moisture, needs constant maintenance);
  • imported materials – high price, a lot of additional costs for the delivery, customs, warehousing, etc. Besides, the composites of different batches can often differ from each other, and the possibility to make an exchange practically comes to naught.

Unlike the situations listed above, Merolith compositions are produced in Ukraine. This allows us to react to the changing needs of different raw material suppliers and customers very quickly. Moreover, we have an opportunity to change the composition or eliminate deficiencies promptly.

For 10+ years of work, we have achieved the opportunity to provide our customers with compositions for the production of facade decor, which are easy and convenient to work with. Namely:

  1. Application in a single broach (corners do not drain and, with proper mixing, craters are not formed).
  2. Formation of a smooth reinforcing layer (additional post-processing is almost not required).
  3. Strong reinforcement throughout the entire area. It does not absorb water, which means that cracks do not appear even without the use of a mesh.
  4. Convenient and quick application (there are compositions for the application by hand, on a broaching machine, and by a spray).
  5. Powerful adhesion to polystyrene foam (does not flake or crack).

Our products are adapted to our weather and climatic conditions.

The fundamental principles of product manufacturing include:

  • unique recipes that are constantly being refined and adapted to new suppliers of raw materials;
  • raw materials from Europe with improved physical and chemical characteristics;
  • laboratory research, multiple testing;
  • quality certificates.

Continuous improvement of the range of materials allows us to resolve all the questions concerning the production of decorative elements for the facade of any complexity.


Merolith product range

We offer a wide range of compositions for the production and installation of facade decor.


Compositions for polystyrene foam reinforcement

These compositions form a monolithic protective coating that extends the lifespan of decorative cladding elements. High plasticity of polymer components in combination with marble chips creates a perfectly even layer. The finished facing is resistant to the destructive effects of the external environment, fire, and cracking.


Facade paints

Acrylic paint of our production was specially developed for facade decoration manufacturers using our compositions. However, at the same time it can be used for painting all types of materials: brick, concrete and foam concrete, cement and gypsum slabs, plaster, and wood. Tinting allows you to implement any color concept.


Reinforcing primers

These materials are designed to increase the strength of the façade and the adhesion of the bonded or restored parts. They can be used for restoration, repair, and reconstruction of polystyrene foam facing.


Assembly primers and adhesives

Modified products serve as an intermediate layer before painting substrates. Their task is to increase the strength characteristics of decorative elements, to form a flat surface before finishing, to create additional protection, and to increase the adhesion properties of the bases.


Joint adhesives

These special glues allow sealing seams and joints. The composition forms a waterproof layer that prevents cracking.


Profitable cooperation

For 10+ years of work, our company has proven itself as a stable supplier of high-quality products. Since we are focused on a long-term perspective, we try to solve all the emerging difficulties optimally for our clients. Merolith has earned the trust of many leading European companies by organizing product supplies to Romania, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, and the Baltic countries.

We offer promising cooperation for companies dealing with the production and installation of facade moldings and facade décor installation. The improved characteristics of our compositions will make it possible to improve the quality of your work and strengthen your position in the market. Whereas a reasonable price and the ability to solve the problem if it arises will help you to remain profitable among competitors who use similar products from foreign manufacturers.

The loyalty program from Merolith includes:

  • discounts for regular customers;
  • significant reduction in prices for large orders;
  • promotions and bonuses.

We offer contracts on favorable terms and a strong partnership for many years. Call us right now!