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Merolith S95 mounting adhesive

Product code: MH-0011
  • Provides an ideal gluing of the part to the base
  • Polymer acrylic binder, quartz filler. Does not contain cement
  • 30 kg
  • It is used for gluing decor elements to the building facade
  • Toothed spatula


- High adhesion. – 1.2 mPa. The bonding strength to the mounting surfaces is 3 times higher than that of cemented facade adhesives for expanded foam cellular plastics.
-Атмосферостойкость. The content of Merolith compositions, binders, additives, filler make the coating resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, low and high temperatures, carbonization, mold…

Operational characteristics

- Working temperature with a mixture from 10ºС to 30ºС.
- The density of the coating is 1.8 g / ml.
- Storage temperature from 5ºС to 30ºС. Shelf life 7 months.
- Resistance to cycles "freezing / thawing" - 320 cycles.
- Resistance to temperatures after drying from -50ºС to +60ºС
- It is made according to DSTU B В.2.7-233:2010


№05.03.02-04 5765 of 31.01.12

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