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Primer reinforcing Merolith H15

Product code: MH-0013
  • Creates a good mounting surface, increases the adhesion of the coatings to the substrate. It increases the strength characteristics of decorative elements
  • Acrylic binder, modifying additives, quartz filler
  • 10 kg
  • It gives additional protection to decorative elements, it is used for reinforcement of porous surfaces and for restoration of micro cracks
  • Brush carefully


Weather resistance. The content of Merolith compositions, binders, additives create an additional protective layer resistant to UV radiation (no yellowing), frost, heat, carbonization, mold, the formed film protects the surface from moisture penetration. It increases the service life of decorative elements.
Ready to use. The primer does not need to be diluted.
Recommended. Use Merolith H15 primer in the workplace after drying the elements and on the construction site before painting.

Operational characteristics

Working temperature with a mixture from +15ºC to +30ºC.
The coating density is 1,0 g / ml.
Storage temperature from +5 ºC to +30ºC. Shelf life 7 months.
Produced according to DSTU B В.2.7-233:2010


№05.03.02-04 5765 of 31.01.12

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