Production group.
Complex of materials for production
and installation of facade decoration
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"Graf Group" Ltd (ТМ Merolith) – manufacturing group specializes in the field of development and manufacture of polymeric technologic compositions.

Special characteristics:
European base material. To guarantee a high quality of the product we use high quality raw materials. We use European raw materials and well tested formula which provide continuous operation in different conditions.
КHigh skilled technology. Good results can be achieved only by means of tests. Our technologists constantly try to improve the product composition which meets modern construction requirements.
Laboratory tests prove the quality of the compositions. Adhesion and temperature limit tests guarantee good product characteristics and their resistance to environmental influence.
Construction chemicals from the manufacturer. Clients can work with our company directly which allows them to get necessary amount of products at reasonable prices. Such cooperation prevents the use of fake and defective materials.

Merolith Industry in manufacture of facade decoration

Companies which provide facade decoration have been in need of up-to-date products for a long time. Using today's technologies such as cement gel for polystyrene, mixed with primer coat or plasticizer have serious drawbacks and can be used as temporary options. We offer the following range of products from Merolith Industry which:
• helps to produce perfect smooth white surface without craters and cracks • is applied once without repeated broaching • does not need the use of gauze
• expiry date and operational characteristics three times higher than cement covers with gauze • allows to apply the composition with spraying devices • gives opportunity to manufacture flexible decorative parts


PDF materials

  Download PDF  →  Test adhesion of Merolith D10f filler layers, determination of temperature limits
  Download PDF  →  Determination of flammability group - test report
  Download PDF  →  Report for intermediate testing of Merolith compositions for frost resistance